Sep 16

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Rukousaiheita Ihmiskauppaan liittyen

Dear All,


We have had to give more emotional support than usual in the last 2 weeks. This takes a lot out of us. We need to share the pain, internalize, engage our feelings and emotions to be able to give the crying shoulder and lift the girls up. We feel a desperate need for more volunteers with who we could share the load. We pray that the Lord will bring people who have a heart for this work. We pray especially for church folk that they will see a great opportunity to discover Christ in others and love Him in them, and to be blessed by them while they share the good news to those who don’t know Him yet but who yearn to know Him. He is the only answer in all problems we face.


‘I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.’ (Ezekiel 26:26)


Victims’ issues


– The news about the situation in the government shelter leaked and the Ombudsman intervened. The situation caught attention of the press. We pray that there will be a positive outcome of this all and the shelter staff will make it a place where the girls will find rest and peace and will not feel like prisoners.


– The police were very busy last week. We hear that they have broken up a ring that could have 100 women as victims. We pray for these women that they will recover and be able to start a new life and for justice to be done.


– One of the victims who is pregnant is HIV positive. We pray that the Lord will prepare her for this sad news and that we will be able to comfort her. As she does not qualify for any government help, we pray that we will be able to support her and help her and her child.


– Another victim, a teenager. She was groomed by a man of 23 years old when she was 13 years old. He falsified her documents to show a different date of birth and married her. There is a baby now and violence in the family. The mother reported the case to the police twice before but there was no investigation! The girl is only 16 now. We pray that the police will react now and that the family will receive support.


– We note a lot of misunderstandings among the victims, and taking advantage of one another. We pray that the difficult situation they are in will drive them to abuse others for their own benefit but to show more compassion and be there for one another.


Thank you for your prayerful support

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